Week 13: 4/10/17

Drama 1 (1st Period)

This week we continue work on our comedy scenes, finishing the line check early in the week.  After the line check, students will revise the blocking based on the comments received before the break.  After discovering elements of comedy should then begin to be added to the staging and line delivery,

Drama 2 (2nd and 4th Periods)

This week we will continue working on our scenes, focusing on the physical choices we make with physical character and specific moments.  Practice rounds and coaching sessions for these scene will begin on Thursday and assigned to the days that follow.

Drama 4 (3rd Period)

Rehearsals begin for our student-directed Drama 4 Projects.  Student directors will begin with read-throughs, table work, analysis, and blocking.  We will also resume our continued study of Stanislavski’s acting system, focusing on Elements of an Action.

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