Drama 3 Announcements Page

Shakespeare Scene Rehearsal Schedule for the Week of 11/28:


AM/A Lunch                         3rd Period                                             PM

T –         Richard III                             Measure for Measure                        R&J 1

W –       Othello                                   Monologue Work

TH –     R&J 2                                     Macbeth/Two Gentlemen              

F –        Julius Caesar                      As You Like It/Two Gentlemen        All’s Well


 Monologue Performance: For tomorrow’s (Wednesday, Oct 26) monologue performance for Ms Fischer, she asks you to review/know:

  • Your super objective (verb action directed to noun)
  • Your sensory details
  • actions (8+, focusing on wins and losses)
  • Operative words (nouns and verbs, not pronouns and negating words)

Shakespearean Scene Practice Rounds: Practice Round/Coaching dates for each scene are listed below.  Scenes should be fully blocked and memorized.  Students are responsible for blocking the 2nd half which will be presented on the practice round day:

M, 11/7: Two Gentlemen of Verona

TH, 11/10: Macbeth/All’s Well That Ends Well

F, 11/11: Romeo and Juliet (Capulets)

M, 11/14: Romeo and Juliet (Nurse/Juliet)/Measure for Measure

T, 11/15: As You Like It

TH, 11/17: Julius Caesar/Othello

F, 11/18: Richard III